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Job Responsibilities:

• Creating and distributing documents

• Providing customer service to organization employees

• Serving as a point of contact with benefit vendors/administrators

• Setting appointments and arranging meetings

• Maintaining calendars of CEO

• Compiling reports and spreadsheets and preparing spreadsheets

• Supporting management of Business Development Team as CEO’s assign.

Other tasks will be discussed in the interview.

Job Requirements:

- BA certification in related field

- At least 1 years of HR and Assistant work experiences

- Good at English skills

- Excellent Computer Skills (MS Office)

To effectively perform the duties of a CEO assistant, individuals must be able to demonstrate a number of competencies that are essential to the position, which include:

• Must be adept at problem-solving, including being able to identify issues and resolve programs in a timely manner

• Must possess strong interpersonal skills

• Must be able to communicate clearly, both written and orally, as to communicate with employees.

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